Weatherford Public Safety Facility

The 34,000 SF public safety facility portrays the community’s sense of civic pride for their police department and fire administration. The Public Safety building is seen as a gateway on the main thoroughfare US 180, greeting visitors before they arrive at the traditional and historic downtown square and the county courthouse. The City of Weatherford’s goal with the building and its location was to provide a “Symbol of Strength” for the community. Promoting civic pride and a connection to the community, the facility has a prominent street façade grounded by a public entry plaza adjacent to surface parking and the main public lobby. The architectural features and warm material palette support a connection to the citizens of Weatherford. Secured parking and controlled entry for personnel and staff are located at the rear portion of the site. A large multipurpose room orients and gestures toward the historic Civic square in the distance, paying homage to the county courthouse beyond.

The building’s form generates an opportunity to provide outdoor spaces for wellness, training, events, and social interaction in the landscaped common courtyard. The scale and orientation of the building form a secure perimeter and offer shade to the outdoor spaces. Overhangs and porches at each of the secured entry portals protect occupants and visitors from the elements and provide shelter from the hot Texas sun.


+ New Construction
+ Public Plaza
+ Community & Meeting Room
+ Administrative Offices
+ Break Room
+ Wellness Center
+ 911 Dispatch
+ Secured Courtyard