Town of Prosper Police Department

The Town of Prosper constructed the first phase of its public safety campus on a 13-acre greenfield site. The Police headquarters building provides space needed for 5-7 years of department growth while also planning to accommodate future additions as the town, and therefore the department expands in the coming decades.

The future 23,000 SF Public Safety Complex is home for the Police Department Headquarters and Dispatch Communications. The building footprint is designed to accommodate future expansion that the Town of Prosper anticipates in the coming decades.

The facility contains 9,000 SF of office space, dispatch space, a storm shelter, and adequate storage for evidence and property. The locker rooms and restrooms in the building are hardened spaces for safety. In addition, the facility includes a multi-purpose room to serve as a meeting and gathering space for use by residents, official meetings, training, and seminars.

+ 911 Communication & Dispatch
+ Community Room
+ Evidence & Property Storage
+ Storm Shelter
+ Office & Administration
+ Training Room
+ Interview Rooms
+ Locker-Rooms
+ SWAT Facilities