Richardson Police Memorial

February 7th, 2018 was the hardest day the Richardson Police Department has had to endure. Officer David Sherrard was shot and killed in the line of duty; the first officer lost by the department since its inception in 1955. To honor his memory, and to create a space to honor all future fallen officers, the City of Richardson commissioned the Richardson Police Memorial to be built as part of their new Public Safety Campus.
Visitors are led to the memorial along with a concrete and black granite walkway. A solid brass bubbler provides an aural shield from the surrounding environment. The open-air pavilion is crafted of delicate and orderly steel columns and roof panels which juxtapose a heavy and chaotic limestone wall. The two elements come together without touching, creating a tension-filled by water and sky. This thin blue line leaves a sense of incompleteness to the composition. The Richardson Police Memorial strives to create a space that is as salient as the honor we escribe to those who serve and protect us. Ultimately, for those most affected, we know that it can only be a canvas for us to project our memories of the ones we loved.


+ Richardson Public Safety Courtyard
+ Limestone Wall
+ Landscape Design
+ Steel Pavilion
+ Memorial Garden
+ Water Feature
+ Commemorative Plaque