San Marcos Fire Station No. 4

Before our first Kick off meeting with the San Marcos Fire Department, the department put together a committee to help with design and sent them on a tour across the state of several of BRW’s other fire facilities. On this tour, the committee talked with the staff of those facilities discussing the positives and negatives of each design and educated themselves on the construction process and what it is like working with BRW. The committee then came into schematic design excited to start and with a number of ideas for their new Fire Station No. 4.

Through design meetings, a consensus was established and the design of this beautiful, historically influenced fire station emerged. The 100% masonry building has traditional brick detailing with a wainscot of Arriscraft stone and iconic red bay doors and window mullions. The exterior design pays homage to the historic fire station in downtown San Marcos while the interior incorporates all the latest technology, including: wireless data, Magna-Grip direct exhaust capture, and LED warning lights at the bay doors. The owner-influenced interior design features sliding barn doors, acoustical metal ceiling panels in the apparatus bay, and a roll-up door from the weight room allowing for traditional and crossfit type training.


+ Three bay station
+ Open kitchen & dining
+ Fitness room
+ Old Chicago style
+ Supports Hays County